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An unusual pussy visit

A few weeks ago, pussy got an unusual visit, namely by a student in somatic sexology. That is, sexology with a focus on the body – so there’s bound be some cock and pussy – or genitals, to be polite. As a student of somatic sexology you need to practice of course, and through my […]

Pussy, emotions and physiology

You might think it’s a bit odd that I speak of my pussy as if she was a separate entity. Naturally, we are connected, though the relationship we have is unlike the relation I have with other parts of my body. She is quite a character and sometimes it feels like she has a life […]

Pussy Interview No. 1

Dear pussy, thank you for giving this pussy-to-pussy interview, sharing with us your personal experiences and knowledge. I think that it’s time that we pussies speak up and tell the world how we feel. We must be taken seriously by our owners, our visitors and by society as well. Without pussies, the world would stop! […]

The talking pussy

A few years ago, my pussy started talking, expressing herself directly. What a relief! In past times, when I talked to my partner about our sexual interaction, I often felt clumsy, was afraid to hurt and struggled to find the right words. Pussy is much more direct, she has no filters. No, she does not […]